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Don't know for how many years, there has been a story of comparison between housewife and working woman. Who is best and who has more responsibilities, it's like a battle! But my view on this is a bit different. Both have their own importance, which cannot be compared !! It is one's decision whether to become a housewife or a working woman. It depends on the once priority, helplessness and interest !! There are many women among us who, despite having all the abilities, chose to become housewife rather than being working woman !! Probably because of some circumstances !!

Today's blog is for those women:

This is the story of Saloni who is married, an is eligible in everyway to be a working woman and had desired to get job in reputed company. She's a well educated girl who use to dream of her golden future. But due to some circumstances she chose to be a housewife !! Perhaps it was right according to that situation. Saloni was very happy in her family, there was no shortage of anything. She used to spent all time looking after her children, in-laws and house. After all becoming a housewife is not that easy !!

But even after being so busy, Saloni had an emptiness somewhere in her heart, there were many questions somewhere which she used to ask herself !! Although many years had passed. Initially saloni she used to talk openly with her family members on this topic whether it is right decision to sacrifice her career and be housewife. But now she doesn't even talk to anyone about it, because it is an old topic to discuss with everyone !! But for Saloni, even today, these questions repeatedly come to her mind.

Even today, Saloni thinks if she had chosen to work, what would have been like !! She would have been independent today, the life would have been different today !! Even today, there was a restlessness in her heart that she wish, she didn't had choices to choose between career and house. What if both the things could have been in her life. Today when she sees her classmates doing good in their career, she feels that she could have been settled like that too !!

Even today, the wound which she got while sacrificing her career as still not healed !! she always had this stinging thing !! But perhaps it was right and would stop thinking about it.

(Truly, it is a difficult decision for women who, despite their ability, have to make choices in view of the circumstances)

Saloni stays with joint family. Her husband fulfils her all wishes. She has 2 children, she has to take care of their responsibilities, she doesn't even know when time goes day to night !! but she was happy in their happiness. She has loving children, a caring husband. What else did she need !! Still, why does she feel emptiness !! Even today, still she is finding her importance, her value somewhere !!

Many years passed while handling the house and performing the responsibilities. The children grew up. Everything has changed, not just one thing - that one touch in Saloni's heart !! Today Saloni's husband is getting retired from his job and the family was also invited to attend the retirement ceremony in the office. It is a happy day for everyone in the family. All Office staff attended the function and Saloni's husband was invited on stage to take the retirement reward (honor) and to speak a few words. Saloni was also very happy with her husband's happiness.

What her husband said on stage - was a very important and touching moment for Saloni. While he was giving full credit to Saloni for the success of his job journey, Saloni's husband accepted that - if Saloni would have not left her career and chose to be housewife many years ago, this would not have been possible. this journey probably would not have been so easy !! "You are not just a housewife but a HOME-MAKER" who has cherished the house !!

Sitting there, every man watching Saloni, played applause and the entire hall echoed with applause !! The respect that Saloni felt for herself in the eyes of everyone at that moment and the clapping of so many applause echoes !! Today it seemed as if she was getting the fruits of her penance !! It was like an ointment today on the wounds for years !! Like her sacrifice was worth it today !!

The truth is that this is what every woman wants "Some respect and sacrifice should be counted a bit !!"

There must be someone in your family who is doing job for 24 hrs without any salary for the success of your career, like your mother, wife !! "Respect them" .

"It is the right of every woman and the duty of every family".

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